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How were these Illuminated Letters made?

The letters were made using a combination of 3D graphics and hand-painted surfaces, digitally composited together with textures and patterns from paintings from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Can I use these letters for anything else?

These letters are copyright Kat Black, and the illumiQ Application provides them for use as iPhone Wallpapers only. If you wish to use them for any other purpose, please contact us to discuss.

Are they genuine medieval Illuminated Letters?

In short, no. While they are inspired by the Illuminated Letters in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, these are entirely modern creations. This is necessary to be able to provide a consistent, full English alphabet. We may be adding some individual authentic Illuminated Letters to specific Single-Letter versions of illumiQ when available, but the availability of such letters is very limited so just consider those a bonus. Don't buy the App expecting genuine, antique Illuminated Letters.

Letters Copyright 2003-present Kat Black | Application 78 Friends Pty Ltd